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Wild Grass XL “Meadow” 12 mm, 40 g

12 mm, 40 g bag

Note: Model building item
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The 1.5 mm grass fibres are specially suited for the N and Z model scales or as well trimmed fields on the H0 scale.
The 2.5 mm grass fibres are the H0 scale's standard length.
Due to the great variety of different colours, very realistic meadows and fields can be re-created.
The 1.5 mm and the 2.5 mm fibres can be electro-magnetically flocked with the NOCH Grass Spray Tube or the NOCH Grass Master 2.0.
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    EAN 4007246071104
    Content 40 g
    Weight 47 g
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    Creating a Perfect Meadow
    With the NOCH Grass Master 2.0 (ref. 60135), NOCH Grass Fibres of all lengths can be electro-magnetically charged and, combination with the NOCH Grass Glue, the fibres can be applied up-right to the foundation.

    This is how you create realistic Meadows and Fields
    • For sparse greening (eg. at the edge of a forest or on cow pastures), you mix the desired colour with the Field, the Meadow Grass, or the Master Grass Mix and then you apply the mixture with the Grass Master 2.0.
    • Should you wish a more dense greening (eg. a field shortly before mowing), you may flock the area with Field Grass, Meadow Grass, or the Master Grass Mix first and then flock the desired flora products over it and work them into the greening by hand.
    • This is how you create a dandelion or a poppy field: First of all, you flock the area with Field or Wild Grass, or with the Master Grass Mix. Then you can spray the NOCH "Haftfix" Spray Glue (ref. 61151) on the tops of the grass fibres and you may flock the desired Flora Colour over it.

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