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The Extra Long Highlight in Designing

The hard foam “Extra Long Wall” is ideal for designing city walls, tunnel walls, passages and boundaries. The super realistically coloured Wall from the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series is a perfect fit on any model railway layout and its extra length makes it ideal for turning every wall on your layout into an eyecatcher. This gives you an even more perfectly recreated nature scene that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Whether it’s serving as a demarcation in a city, a wall around a village church or to design a residential area, the “Wall” can be perfectly placed in various landscape scenarios to achieve a great tableau. Recreate different scenes with the hard foam “Wall” even more perfectly.

Note: the Wall is suitable for everything in the Stone Wall PROFI plus hard foam series.

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  • How-to tip

    Since structured hard foam is solvent-resistant, you can apply any kind of varnish, paint (NOCH Landscaping Paints are ideal) and even solvent-based adhesive to the surface. Structured hard foam parts can be moulded as desired and are also very easy to work with. You don’t need a lot of time, effort or special tools to bring the parts into the desired shape. It is best to use a fretsaw for sawing. The saw blade glides through the hard foam easily and swiftly without tearing or splintering the cutting edges.

    You can also make precise changes to the contours of the parts with a small hacksaw, a backsaw or a handsaw. You can cut hard foam with any sharp blade, e.g. a utility or penknife.

    Sandpaper of any grit size is suitable for subsequent sanding and finishing. Of course, you can also file hard foam – with a coarse wood rasp or with a fine warding file. If you want to deform a hard foam part, simply heat it up with a hairdryer or immerse it in hot water. The heated material can then be bent into the desired shape. The shape does not change once it has cooled down.

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