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TERRA-FORM Test Package

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Note: Model building item
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The TERRA-FORM test package contains TERRA-FORM material for testing the system.
Thanks to the materials for different stage work level the packing can be tested for a better look.

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    EAN 4007246616053
    Weight 340 g


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    TERRA-FORM is a proven and extremely sophisticated method for creating your model landscape: quick and uncomplicated, extremely lightweight, highly flexible and cost-effective. The foundation of the system consists of two- to five-way connecting elements made of flexible plastic, to which round rods are joined in order to make the
    desired shape. The round rods can be cut to any length you like and then connected together. You do not need to have manual skills for this, nor many tools: scissors, craft knife, fine saw, hammer and hot glue gun. Unlike the traditional approach, you begin by laying out the tracks. On a base of your choice (e.g. blockboard, chipboard, solid wood panel), you first build the rail system and lay all electrical connections. Following a test drive, you start designing the landscape – above and around
    the track. First, you build the tent-like framework. Since the round rods are only slotted into the connecting elements, the construction can be corrected and changed at any time. Thanks to this scaffolding system, subsequent remodelling is just as unproblematic as ongoing »maintenance« of the rail and all the mechanics. Once the framework is standing, it is then covered with NOCH Landscape Crepe Paper to form your landscape template, which you can customise as you wish.

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