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Saver Pack Water Structuring & Accessories TT

If you buy the Saver Pack you get 1 x »Foam & Spume, 30 ml bottle« for free!
UVP 50,97

1 x ref. 60856 »Water Drops® color, 250 g«
1 x ref. 60861 »Waves and Billows, 250 ml«
1 x ref. 60862 »Foam & Spume«
1 x ref. 45851 Figures »Sunbathers«

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Note: Model building item

Price as configured: €42.98

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Water Drops® “color”
Wellen & Wogen
Foam & Spume

The perfect basic set for your water design!

  • Details Water Drops® »color«
    Two things make the Water-Drops® in the water-shaping indispensable: their easy processing and the ability to make by heating can later be details such as waves or rapids. For the color design of the underground waters, we recommend the basic color set (ref. 60875). The Water-Drops® color in addition to the transparent Drops for mixing and blue, green and brown Drops. To make your own individual water color.
    Delivery: 250 g transparent, for approx. 300 ml, 25 g of each colour blue, green, brown
  • Details Waves and Billows
    So far, a modeller could only choose from the NOCH range the established Water Effects. To form for example high waves on a beach for surfers or a diorama with ships on the high seas, we have developed »Waves and Billows«.
    Delivery: 150 ml, easy-to-use

  • Details Foam & Spume
    Each breaking wave, each whooshing creek and each waterfall rushing down into a mountain lake creates white spume beside the wave. To reconstruct the wonderful highlights on the waves, NOCH »Foam & Spume« has been developed.
    Delivery: 30 ml bottle

Offer valid until 27.05.2019!



  • Additional Information

    Weight 1 g
  • How-to tip

    • How-to-tip Water Drops® »color«
      The Water Drops® are simply melted in the oven in a heat resistant container (e.g. a jam jar). After melting, the substance retains a honey-like consistency for approx. 3 minutes. It can now be poured into the prepared stream – or lake bed. If the water on your model landscape has hardened and you want to make further changes to the water surface, no problem: you can re-melt and re-work the surface at any time with a hair-dryer. With a heat gun, you can even liquefy the entire Water Drops® body of water. This allows you to work on waves or rapids afterwards.
    • How-to-tip Waves & Billows
      »Waves & Billows« is a substance, which is applied on the water surface with the help of a small spatula or toothpick. After rough modelling, let the mass sit for half an hour, before giving it the desired shape by forming with your spatula, toothpick or coarse brush.
    • How-to-tip Foam & Spume
      The fine material can be carefully applied with a brush on appropriate water spots. It gives rapids, cascades and waves the finishing realistic touch. »Foam & Spume« appears more natural because it is not a white colour.

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