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Rock Wall "Stratified"

Made of structured hard foam,

for modelling,

packed in a polybag, 33x19cm

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Note: Model building item
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Easy and Realistic Stratified Rock!

Imposing model rock faces can be conjured up quickly and easily with the handpainted Rock Slab “Stratified Rock” made of structured hard foam. The lightweight slab is made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam and is therefore very easy to process. The material can be sawn, cut or filed and further processed as a whole or in pieces.

The Rock Slab made of structured hard foam is very lightweight yet still stable; the Rock Slab “Stratified Rock” also looks extremely realistic. The Rock Pieces can easily be reworked with a Stanley knife and cut to the correct size.

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  • How-to tip

    The Processing of the NOCH Hardfoam Rock Plates is very easy::
    The Rocks are cut into shape with a sharp knife or with a tenen saw and then smoothed out with a fine flle.
    You can also modify the parts' shape by carefully heating them with a blow dryer.
    The Rock Plate are integrated into the landscape with with contact glue, universal adhesive or thermoplastic glue, or by simply pressing them into the not-yet-dried plaster (NOCH Rock Compound "Granite" or "Sandstone"), respectively. This way, entire rock structures can be seamlessly integrated into the landscape.
    All NOCH Hardfoam Products can be altered in color as desired after the fact - ideally with our NOCH Landscape Paints.

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