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Quarrystone Viaduct

Finished bridge model made of structured hard foam

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Note: Model building item
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A True Eyecatcher on Every Model Railway Layout

The “Quarrystone Viaduct” is ideal for constructing particularly long and imposing bridge structures. The “Quarrystone Viaduct” can be combined with various model walls and arcades. The Viaduct gives a landscape scene a very individual and unusual appearance. The train makes its way across the viaduct, and you have a wonderful view of the landscape below you. Below, other road users such as cars, lorries, tractors, motorcyclists and many more make their way through the viaduct’s impressions. Make your own personal landscape scene even more lifelike with the “Quarrystone Viaduct” and implement great details on your layout.

In the Quarrystone Viaduct pack, you’ll find the viaduct and material for crafting the matching bridgehead.

Note: the Quarrystone Viaduct is suitable for all N track systems, including KATO® Unitrack N Scale. The “Quarrystone Wall” hard foam series has the same stone structure as the Quarrystone Viaduct made of structured hard foam.

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    Weight 100 g
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  • How-to tip

    The Quarrystone Viaduct, staight or curved and the Viaduct "Rhône" can be combine with each other perfectly.

    You can connect the bridge elements with every type of glue (even those containing thinners). If necessary, you may shorten the bridges or the bridge head with a craft knife or a dovetail saw. For finishing works, you should use sandpaper or a file.

    The hardfoam line "Quarrystone Wall" has the same structure as the made-from-hardfoam bridges. You may use this line to design walls and tunnels fitting to the viaduct.

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