Trees in a new quality dimension

Coniferous trees are indispensable in reality as well as on a model landscape scene. The tall trees form a dense forest and let forest animals find shelter. Discover the large selection of conifers from NOCH.

Pine trees

The extremely realistic pine trees are elaborately coloured and flocked by hand. It is especially noteworthy that neither the trunk nor the strong branches are flocked - just like the real thing. 

Weathered spruces

Weathered spruces are, so to speak, a European "standard tree": they can be found in almost every forest. While at the edge there are mostly trees with branches reaching down to the ground, in the interior of the forest the taller trees tend to grow. 

The extremely realistically designed NOCH models are therefore available as normal and high trunk variants.

Nordmann firs

Nordmann firs are a very important part of our forests. The new models from NOCH fully live up to our slogan ... like the original. Each package contains two trees of different heights. 


The spruces differ from their colleagues, the Nordmann firs, mainly by the lighter needle coat. Spruces and Nordmann firs can be ideally "planted" together on a plantation.