Deciduous Trees

NOCH PROFI Series Deciduous Trees - Meet Highest Quality Standards.
The tree trunks are elaborately painted by hand so no shining plastic surface is visible. To give the tree more volume, all branches are covered with fine wool before they are flocked. The high-quality NOCH leaves are used as flock material. This specially milled and elaborately painted material is similar to the leaf shapes and colours of a real tree. Like in nature, only the fine branches of the PROFI trees have leaves. During the skilful flocking by hand, stronger branches are excluded. The NOCH PROFI tree range meets highest quality standards. Convince youfself of these trees when visiting your dealer.
In real life not all trees are equal. The same is true of a model landscape, too. For the trees in the background of a layout the quantity is more important than the exclusivity. Therefore you can use the inexpensive NOCH trees in this area. They can be even a little bit smaller thus giving an interesting effect of depth and make your layout look larger. Hovever, at exposed spots, you should allow yourself - and your layout - to plant some high quality, exclusive NOCH trees. The great effect will fully make up for the higher prices! You should plant the big trees in the front area of your layout. For example, the 19 cm high NOCH Chestnut Tree (ref. 21800) is a particularly imposing specimen!