NOCH Conifers of the Hobby Series - Inexpensive Trees in Large Packs!
NOCH Hobby Trees are ideal to "afforest" a model railway layout. Above all they are an inexpensive solution for creating dense forests and natural-looking tree-groups. The trees feature a realistic flocking and most oft them have a tree trunk with roots. Some firs have a planting pin instead of a root. Hobby Trees are avaiilable in different package sizes for H0, TT, N and Z scale.

Model Firs and Firs with Planting Pin feature a very realistic appearance owing to their scattered cut bench tops The firs are available in different sizes. The Model Firs have natural looking trunks with root. The Firs with Planting Pin have not root bases - they can be easily stuck into the landscape.

Model Spruces are also available in different sizes and packs. Their scattered cut bench tops are painted with a light gree colour giving them a special note. All Model Spruces have realistic trunks with a root base.