Trees & Bushes

Trees & Bushes

Forest your model landscape - with NOCH model trees in all types and sizes.

A small fir tree protection, a single oak tree under which a couple is sitting, a commercial forest in the background of the installation, a mixed forest along the tracks - there are endless possibilities to forest your model railway layout with trees. Trees are an essential part of a charming model landscape. They enliven the scenery, set accents and give every model railway layout a very special, unmistakable atmosphere.

We offer you a large selection of trees and woody plants in all sizes - just like in the original. 

PROFI trees

These are high-quality individual trees. They are modelled on the originals in shape, colour and size and are covered with NOCH foliage from the PROFI series. 

Standard trees

These are low-priced model trees made of highly flexible plastic. Realistic, based on an innovative, three-dimensional blank. Elaborately hand-painted and flocked. 

Classic trees

This is the classic model tree, flocked with high-quality NOCH Classic flock. As a large single tree or as a set in the attractive gift box. 

Hobby trees

These are inexpensive trees in the large pack. Ideal for afforesting large areas. Available as deciduous or coniferous tree.

Nature Trees

These are super-realistic tree blanks made from the natural material sea foam. For flocking with flockage, classic flock and foliage. For beautiful, filigree trees and bushes.