Terrain Substructure

The basis for the perfect model landscape scene - terrain substructure

"Many ways lead to Rome" - that means there are many paths to reach a goal. This is also true for terrain structuring. You can use different products like crepe paper, wire mesh paper or aluminium wire mesh, but in each case you will need a sturdy supporting framework. For this reason we recommend using the proven NOCH TERRA-FORM system. This system had been developped by NOCH in the 1980s and became the backbone of countless model landscapes, lots of them presented as promotion layouts at model railway shows and fairs. But also many NOCH customers trusting TERRA-FORM have built impressing unique model railway layouts and dioramas being greatly pleased with this system. Thanks to the open building technique the tracks are always easy to access for maintenance purposes. This building technique is inexpensive and lightweight but still extremely sturdy. Owing to the highly ingenious technique of TERRA-FORM the construction of the terrain substructure is fast and easily done. The most importalt tools are a simple hobby knife and a hot glue gun. Previous knowledge or experience is not required - everybody can start at once!