Track Beds & Ballast

You are on the right track if you use NOCH track beds and ballast. These are also very important details determining the realistic appearance of a model railway layout. The MÖSSMER track beds are true to detail in form and colours being very close to the original track beds in real life. They are complete, ready-to-use elements made of soft moltopren. In this elastic foam material the deepenings for the tracks and sleepers are embossed accurately. Owing to this true to form embossing the tracks lie in the track bed well-fitting like in real life. The moltopren bed clings to the tracks properly. Due to the extreme flexibility of this material the track bed can be fitted to each model railway and track radius. Additional positive features: Moltopren is electrically insulating, almost indestructible and resistant against oil, fats, petrol, benzine and solvent based adhesives Furthermore it has a sound insulating effect on the rolling noise of your locomotives and cars - the noise level or your layout will be significantly reduced! The track bed is easy to use directly from the roll being adaptable for straight and curved tracks as well - so you do not need a separate track bed for each track. For switches, crossings and special tracks there are MÖSSMER underlays made of the same soft foam material that you can cut to the desired size.