Laser-cut craft plates

Laser-cut craft plates

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    Laser-Cut Bastelplatte "Schieferverkleidung"

    Highlights der Laser-Cut Bastelplatten
    • Laser-gravierte 3D-Oberflächen
    • Realistische Oberflächenstrukturen
    • Handkoloriert
    • Vorbildgerecht gealtert
    • Einfach zu verarbeiten

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It doesn't get more natural than this!

Natural stone walls are very common, especially in rural areas.

The walls, arcades and portals are artistically built with the help of regionally quarried stones.

The hard foam series "Natural Stone Wall" inspires with its extremely realistic stone structure and the multi-dimensional design of many details such as ledges or projections.

The portals are suitable for overhead line operation.

With our elaborate laser-cut process, each handicraft panel is unique. Different high-quality cardboard is used as the basic material, the material thicknesses is adapted to the respective area of application: thicker, self-supporting cardboard for the roofs, thinner material for the floor coverings.

The Laser-Cut craft boards can be quickly and easily shaped with scissors or a knife and can be easily processed further.

The advantages of the NOCH Laser-Cut craft plates:

  • Laser-engraved 3D surfaces
  • Realistic surface structures
  • Hand-coloured
  • Aged according to the model
  • Easy to process