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Scale Replacement Portal double track, 2 pieces, 9 x 7 cm

double track, reduces the tunnel portal from N scale to Z scale
9 x 7 cm

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This product is suitable for scale:
  • G
  • 0
  • 1
  • H0
  • H0m
  • H0e
  • TT
  • N
  • Z
Note: Model building item
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The Scale Replacement Portals serve as a way to convert Tunnel Portals of a greater scale to smaller scale tracks. For instance, this would be necessary, should you use a H0 NOCH Ready-Made Landscape and TT or N scale tracks. All Scale Replacement Portals are suited for the use of overhead wires.
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    Weight 34 g
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  • How-to tip

    Since NOCH Hardfoam does not contain any thinners, any kind of varnish, paints (NOCH Landscape Paints are ideal) and even glues which contain thinners can be applied to the surface. The hardfoam parts can be modelled as desired and they are very easy to process. In order to bring the elements into the shape desired, neither a lot of time or force, nor special tools are necessary.

    A jigsaw is ideal for cutting the elements. The sawblade moves through the material easily and quickly without tearing or splintering along the edges.

    For precise alterations along the elements' contour, you may also utilize a small hacksaw, a tenon saw or a crosscut saw. Alternatively, you may also cut the hardfoam with any sharp edge - for example that of a multi-purpose or a pocket knife.

    For finishing and detail works, sand paper of all grains is suitable. All hardfoam elements can, of course, also be manipulated with a wood rasp, as well as a fine key file. Should you wish to shape the elements into a different form, you may heat them with a blow dryer or by simply submerging them in hot water. the heated material can be bent into the desired form. When the cooled-down material will maintain its altered form.

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