Hardfoam Walls & Portals

Recreate walls and portals on realistic hard foam

NOCH PROFI structural hard foam makes your model railway dreams come true. Hard foam is the perfect model building material very often used by NOCH - with good reasons. Above all, it is the composition of the hard foam material that makes it great for creating realistic models.  Hard foam is made of two liquids that are mixed together. The mixing results in a foam-like material that can be solidified in any plastic mould.

NOCH Products made of hard foam have outstanding properties that cannot be found in most other materials:

  • They are lightweight yet sturdy.
  • They are extremely realistic as our special production technology allows making undercuts.
  • They are very easy to use: to saw, to cut, to file and to form.
  • As hard foam material is solvent resistant it allows the application of every kind of paint, colour and even solvent-containing glue. Also weathering is no problem.
  • All structural hard foam products are coloured by hand and made in Germany!