Embossed Cardboard Walls

Realistic model walls and arcades can be easier realized on a model landscape if you think about walls and arcades in real life. It is the same situation as placing tunnels and bridges: The nature came before men began building walls and tunnels. Every wall and every portal serves a special purpose. Some walls are built as retaining walls to secure the slopes behind them in order to enable roads and rails running though a landscape without hindrance. Arcades with roofs protect them against falling stones. Other walls are built to bridge differences in altitude e. g. at bridge ramps or subways. So the building materials are as different as the applications. NOCH embossed carboard walls are an inexpensive alternative to walls and arcades made of structured hardfoam. The embossed cardboard walls are photorealistic. Owing to the embossing they have a structured surface. The cardboard is easy to cut with scissors and to be fixed with glue.