3D Cardboard ”Sheet Brick”

3D Cardboard ”Sheet Brick”

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    Cardboard Sheets3D-Kartonplatten each 10 pices from ref. 56605, 56610, 56613, 56640, 56664, 56665, 56670, 56690, 56691, 56721, 56722, 56723

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Cheap, Easy to Work with and Realistically Embossed!

The 3D Cardboard Sheets are printed on thick cardboard in realistic matt colours and then press formed. This creates a beautiful surface.

Wall, roof and wooden sheets can be easily cut with a pair of scissors or a craft knife. Since they are made of high-quality cardboard, they can be bent and fixed to the landscape with a hot glue gun or NOCH Landscaping Glue.

For example, plastic bridge piers or simply walls and portals made of plywood or chipboard can be realistically clad. To simplify the designing of tunnel portals for you, a pattern is printed on the cardboard sheets, which are suitable for tunnel portals in H0, TT and N scale widths. There’s no limit to your imagination!