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***Economy Pack "Illuminated Cyclists"***

3 bicycles, each equipped with headlight and rear light

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Note: Model building item
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Let There Be Light!
As of now you can buy illuminated figures in economy packs. Each set offers a price advantage of 25 % (Compared to the individual purchase). Thus you can illuminate your model landscape for a very favourable price.

With the development of the »micro LED« it became possible to equip model vehicles with headlights, indicators etc. over the last few years. However, equipping these models with mini lights required a great amount of skill and was only recommended for the experienced model-maker.
In order to introduce the concept of illuminated figures and motorbikes on your model landscape, NOCH present a number of models already pre-fitted with such technology this year. The figures are assembled with high-quality LEDs in the NOCH factory in Vietnam and then painted by hand, thus ensuring that no wires are visible. This guarantees a high-quality appearance ready for professional use.
All models are ready-to-use, assembled and wired. The connection can be made with the usual 16 V AC / DC model transformer.

Note: Please consider that this offer is limited. Available only while stocks last!

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