Laser-Cut Bridges

„Steel-carton“: Assemble a solid Laser-Cut bridge! Every modeler knows: It is the details that are fascinating. Sometimes it is quite easy to provide eye-catchers for a model railway layout or diorama - for example with the NOCH Laser-Cut bridge kits. The delicate rivets of the steel construction are engraved by laser. This technology gives the special laser carton - being imported from England especially for you - a natural patina. NOCH bridges increase the attractivity of each model landscape. You may choose your favourite from our comprehensive range combining the bridges of the NOCH  Laser-Cut bridge kit system or take one of different bridge kits – whatever you like. All bridges of this system can be combined amongst themselves so that perfect bridge constructions can be assembled. For instance, you can join the fishbelly bridge with the short truss approach bridge, you can place together several truss girder bridges one after another or, using the bridge decks, you can create an attractive ramp. For the creation and assembly of bridges, there are no limits to your imagination. For some bridge combinations you will only need some bridge pier adapter pieces.