Article Number 60264

Switch Module for KATO and ROKUHAN Switches

1 Switch Module

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Note: Model building item
WEEE-Reg.Nr.: DE 95117429
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Operating KATO and ROKUHAN switches easier than before - digital as well as analog!
Whether you just start with the hobby or you want to modify your excisting system: This Switch-Module will help you to control KATO and ROKUHAN switches with your conventional 2x4 button control panel as well as other control panels with buttons.
All in all four switches can be controlled with one module and the useful screw terminals will guarantee an easy connection. No soldering.
Furthermore reed contact switching as well as with an upstreamed magnetic article decoder is possible.
Connection via 10 to 16 volt direct or alter-nating current.

The NOCH Switch Module also works for magnetic article decoder. Please note that some decoder have a negative and others a positive output side. The NOCH Switch Module needs a positive output at the joint connection, often called »Clamp C« on the switching output of the individual decoder. Such decoders are for example: LENZ LS100, Item-No. 1110 and ESU Switch Pilot V2.0, Item-No. 51820.
Please always pay attention to the manufacturer’s data before connection the decoder!

The Compact Controller is ideal for usage with ref. 97022, 97023, 97026, 97027, 97034, 97035, 97039, 97040, 97055, 97056, 97057, 97058, 97068 and 97069.