NOCH Handicraft Advent Calendar

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    Handicraft Advent Calendar “Christmas Market”


    • Crafting material: e.g. Snow Flakes, Icicles and much more!
    • 5 Laser-Cut minis: e.g. Pyramid, Stalls, Christmas Market Entry Arch
    • 31 figures: e.g. Christmas figures, »Children in Snow«, »Family Meier in Winter«
    • 10 Snowy Fir Trees in different heights
    • Laser-Cut Adhesive
    • detailled instructions
    €99.99 Incl. 16% VAT, Excl. shipping
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    Handicraft Advent Calendar “Christmas Manger”
    • Crafting material: e. g. Structured Flock, Scatter Grass, PROFI Rocks "Rubble" and much more!
    • Laser-Cut Kit "Stable of Bethlehem"
    • Laser-Cut minis Kit "Well"
    • 36 Figures and animals: e. g. Manger Figures, Sheep and Shepherd, Angel
    • 10 Model Fir Trees in different heights
    • Laser-Cut Adhesive and detailed instruction
    €99.99 Incl. 16% VAT, Excl. shipping

The Great Crafting Fun for Every Day of the Advent Season!

From 1st to 24th December each little door includes crafting material, laser-cut minis, figures and accessories in chronological order. So you can go on with your craft
work step by step every day! Thus, a small, snowy Christmas market with market stalls, manger, pyramid and lots of visitors will be realised in 24 days.

For the assembly, the Christmas Market needs a surface of 20 x 20 cm. You can install it either in your existing model landscape or create an individual topic related diorama.