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Right Extension Layout

• 1 Right Extension Layout "Storage Yard", 100 x 120 cm, height approx. 36 cm
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Note: Model building item
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A Highligh for Your Model Railway Layout: the Hidden Underground Station!
This Right Extension Layout offers a very interesting track design and it is optimized for connecting to a hidden Storage Yard. You can add this convenient method of storing and operating your model trains to your model railway layout and improve your model train experience even further. The LAGGIES Standard Helix (ref. 53004) and the LAGGIES Add-on Helix (ref. 53104) leads your trains safely trough the tunnel section of the Extension Layout to your Storage Yard under your layout. The NOCH Aluminium Frames are compatible with the LAGGIES Helix, even at a later point in time. Should you, therefore, intent to add the hidden Storage Yard afterwards, then you may use the Extension Layout "Storage Yard" as a regular extension layout.

If you are using a hidden Storage Yard for your model railway layout with this extension layout then you cannot utilize the front-most track of your Storage Yard. For more information consult the description of the hidden Storage Yard.

NOTE: If you want to use this Extension Layout with a 120 cm deep layout, then your also need a Ramp with Slope (ref. 99360).

Extend Your Layout However and Whenever You Want!
Our comprehensive range of extension options allows you to extend your preformed model railway layout whenever your want to: right at the start or some time later. This way, you can even extend a small layout and crete a larger installation over time - piece by piece.

Extending your layout is incredibly easy: The extension pieces are delivered - just like the preformed layouts - mounted on a stable wooden frame. The extension pieces and the preformed layouts can be simply screwed together with the enclosed mounting plate System.

The lovely landscapes are painted and greened carefully and - if required - underlays for the tunnels and a bridge construction kit is also enclosed. The "Storage Yard" extension piece you can create a storage yard station hidden under the layout.

The Transformer Panel can be added to the front of the layout installtion. If there is not enough space for your transformer or to add assistence consoles, then it is basically a pre-requisite. The Transformer Panel is delivered as a construction kit with all the necessary mounting plates and screws for setting it up.

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    EAN 4007246819607
    Weight 9000 g


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    Extension Options for (Preformed) Layouts
    Some of the Extension Pieces, which have a depth of more than 100 cm, can be shorten to 100 cm in order to add them to a layout installation with a depth of more than 100 cm.

    If you add an Extension Piece on both sides of the layout and a Transformer Panel or a Front Extension Layout (ref. 81980) in front than the total depth of the layout installation will be 120 cm.

    Preformed layouts of the same size can simply be installed next to each other. This any you can create larger model railway installations of various sizes which, in turn, can be equiped with other extension pieces. Transformer Panels can be added at will.

    The "Storage Yard" extension piece you can create a storage yard station hidden under the layout.

    You may also add any Extension Piece to a layout of short depth without shortening it, if you use a Transformer Panel next to it.

    This is Want You Need for your Storage Yard:
    • A Preformed NOCH Layout
    • Front Extension Layout (81980), only for layouts with 120 cm depth
    • Extension Layout "Storage Yard"
    • NOCH Aluminium Frame System
    • LAGGIES Standard Helix (ref. 53004) and LAGGIES Add-on Helix (ref. 53104)
    • Storage Yard Baseboard for your Preformed Layout

  • Additional Information

    Ausbaustufen Spur H0+TT

    Diese Übersicht zeigt die vielfältigen Anbaumöglichkeiten zur Erweiterung der Grundanlagen mit den Fertig-Anbauteilen
    nach links, nach rechts, nach vorne und nach unten.

    Art.-Nr.BezeichnungGröße in cmlinks
    81580 Königfeld 160 x 100      *      
    81600 Rosenheim 160 x 100            
    81604 Tannau 160 x 100            
    81610 Mittenwald 200 x 120            
    81660 Mühltal 200 x 100      *      
    81710 Schönmühlen 160 x 100            

      Kombination ist möglich!
     * nicht für Roco®geoLine geeignet!


    Einige Anbauteile, die tieferals 100 cm sind,
    kann manauf 100 cm kürzen, umsie an eine
    Grundanlage mit der Tiefe 100 cm anzusetzen

    Wird an beidenSeiten und vor der Grund-
    anlage angebaut, ergibt sich eine Gesamttiefe
    von 120 cm.
    Grundanlagen gleicher Tiefe können direkt
    aneinandergesetzt werden. Auf diese Weise
    ergeben sich Modellbahn-Anlagen ver-
    schiedener Längen, die dann noch zusätzlich
    durch Anbauteile erweitert werden können.
    Trafo-Anbauplatten sind beliebig anzusetzen.
    Mit dem Anbauteil Schattenbahnhof kann ein
    Schattenbahnhof realisiert werden, der sich
    unter Ihrem Fertiggelände befindet.
    Eine Trafo-Anbauplatte kann montiert
    werden, wenn z.B. eine Grundanlage mit der
    Tiefe von 100 cm um ein ungekürztes
    Anbauteil erweitert wird.

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