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60 x 20 cm, including legs
suitable for transformer panel kit ref. 50303 (optional)

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Note: Model building item
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Aluminium Frame Extension for Transformer Panel
If you want to have your transformer and your control panels directly avaiable in front of you, then the Transformer Panel (refs. 50303 and 50305) is exactly the right solution for you. The Transformer Panel is suited for all ready-made NOCH Layouts and for your very own model landscapes. For even more stability, you should use the Aluminium Extension (refs. 62600 and 62660) for Transformer Panels.

NOCH Aluminium Frames
Should you want to give your model installation a particularly steady stand, then the NOCH Aluminum Frame System is the perfect solution. The Aluminium Frame is not only pleasing to the eye, but also very stable and, yet, still not light in weight at the same time, since it is made from anodized aluminium elements. It can be used for the ready-made NOCH Layouts, as well as for your individually created landscape.

Another advantage of the Aluminum Frame is that it is already prepared for adding a NOCH Storage Yard.

NOTE: Delivered as pre-cut aluminium profiles and connection elements for essembling, inlcuding construction manual, height 78 cm.

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