Extensions for Preformed Layouts


Expand with what and when you want! The large program of add-on parts gives you the possibility to expand your prefabricated terrain whenever you want: right at the beginning or later. In this way, even a small plant can gradually be expanded into a large plant. The extension is very simple: The add-on parts are delivered already assembled on a stable wooden frame, just like the prefabricated terrain. The add-on parts and the prefabricated terrain are simply screwed together with the help of the enclosed add-on bracket set. The charming landscapes are lovingly colored and grassed. If provided, tunnel bases and bridge kits are included. With the "shadow station" add-on piece, you also have the option of creating a shadow station that is located under your finished terrain. The transformer attachment plate can be screwed on at the front. It is indispensable when there is not enough space to install transformers and control panels. The transformer mounting plate is supplied as a kit that includes all the necessary mounting brackets and screws.