Rocks & Rock Walls

Rock Structuring - the Supreme Discipline in Model Landscaping

Quick and easy to the perfect result with NOCH hard foam! The construction of rocks and mountainous landscapes is one of the great challenges in model landscaping. On the one hand, it is necessary to find the perfect shape, on the other hand, the rock areas should be coloured realistically and plastically. 

In order to achieve a top result quickly and safely, the NOCH hard foam rocks were developed. These are available in different sizes and rock types. Special rock filler, which forms a rough surface when it dries, makes rock design much easier. 

Combined with the acrylic sprays in lifelike, matt colour tones, easy-to-use materials make this supreme discipline in model landscaping very simple for everyone!

Rocks and rock faces are the salt in the soup when designing a model landscape. NOCH offers you various possibilities for the fascinatingly realistic design of model rocks. And because nothing looks more real than actual natural products, you will still find a wide variety of natural materials in our range - for example our natural cork bark and natural stones.