Rocks & Rock Walls

Rock Structuring - the Supreme Discipline in Model Landscaping

Modelling rocks and mountains is one of the greatest challenges in model landscaping. On the one hand you have to find the perfect form, on the other hand the rock parts must get a realistic and vivid colour. With NOCH hardfoam you have the easy and perfect way to realistic rocks! NOCH rocks made of structured hardfoam have been developped to reach an excellent result in rock structuring.

Another way to get realistic rocks is the application of the special, easy-to-use NOCH Rock Compound. After setting the compound obtains a realistic rocky surface thanks to its special material. Adding matt acrylic paint you will get impressive, natural looking rock scenery.

For rock structruring NOCH offers different natural materials like cork bark and natural stones as well. They are great for creating life-like rock parts on a model landscape as nothing can look more natural than natural materials.