Easy Roads

The realistic road construction will be done easily by using the NOCH Easy Roads: You can simply glue the stable, flexible and self-adhesive foil. It’s available in different widths (Federal Road, Country Road), as a Crossing, a Car-Park and also as a Cobbled Pavement. NOCH Easy Roads are offered in the colours “Asphalt” and “Grey” in scale H0, TT and N.

Using a sharp knife (e.g. a carpet cutter) or scissors cut the curve on its outer line with a border of 2 cm.
Afterwards break down the curve into the necessary curve segments for your building project. A master plate is included to facilitate the cutting of the accurately fitting radius. By combining the segments with each other and by setting the straight road pieces, you obtain every desired street course. The set consists of two curves, so you can construct a complete circle (360°).