Easy Roads

This way you will always get the curve

Realistic road construction is made very easy with NOCH road film: The stable, flexible and self-adhesive road film is easy to stick on. It is available in different widths (federal road, country road), as universal curve, intersection and car park as well as cobblestone. NOCH road foil is offered in the colour variants asphalt and grey for the gauges H0, TT and N.

Use a sharp knife (e.g. carpet knife) or scissors to cut out the universal curve on its outer line with a margin of approx. 2 cm. Then divide the curve into the curve segments needed for your building project. To make it easier for you to cut out precisely fitting radii, a template is included in the universal curve pack. By combining these segments and building in straight road sections, you can get any road course you want. Each universal curve pack contains two universal curves, so you can build a complete circle (360°) with one pack.