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Country Road

grey, 100 x 4.8 cm
(delivered in 2 rolls)

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Note: Model building item
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All roads lead to NOCH - since, with the NOCH Roads, Paths, and Places, you can desing a realistic road network very easily.

The material's advantages convince: The NOCH Road Crepe is auto-adhesive, especially stretchable, resistant against tearing - and, above all, easy to process. Curves in particular can be re-created with the NOCH Crepe very efficiently.

Furthermore, the NOCH Crepe is ideally suited for the FALLER Car-System.

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    Weight 25 g
  • How-to tip

    All NOCH Roads, Paths and Places are auto-adhesive and they are made from especially stretchable and tearing-resistand crepe material. All curve designs can be re-created very effectively with the NOCH Roads. For extremely narrow curves (eg. hairpin bends in rocky terrain), you may cut the rolls a little bit at the sides and then glue them back together, overlapping itself. The roads' center lines can either be re-created as interrupted, or uniterrupted ones.

    Most of the NOCH Roads come in packages of two rolls each. On one of the rolls the center line is uniterrupted, while the other's Center line is interrupted. Should you wish to create a road with an uninterrupted center line, then you should process and intergrate the roll with the uninterrupted center line first and then adhere the second one to the first, in a way that the second road roll overlaps the first one slightly. In order to re-create a road with an interrupted center line that turns into an uninterrupted one after a few centimeters, cut the roll with the uninterrupted center line at the point of intersection and adhere the other roll, again overlaping the first one.

    The NOCH Road Crepe is ideal for the FALLER Car-System: Firstly, fix the special track wire with some adhesive strips and then lay the NOCH Road Crepe over the wire. The FALLER Cars will make the rounds securely on the NOCH Roads.

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