Crepe Paper Roads

Crepe Paper Roads - Nothing Is More Flexible

All roads lead to NOCH! With the NOCH roads, streets and pathes you can easily construct a true to original road system. The advantages convince: NOCH Crepe Paper Roads are self-adhesive, extremely elastic, tear-resistant, and above all it’s easy to work with! Especially the curves can be created effectively and simply with the NOCH Crepe Paper Roads. Furthermore, NOCH Crepe Paper Roads are perfectly suited for the FALLER Car-System.
All NOCH roads, streets and pathes are self-adhesive and consist of an especially elastic and tear-resistant special crepe. Because of that, the curves can be set without difficulty. If the curves are very tight (e.g. switchbacks during mountain courses), you will cut the tie in the curve radius a little bit and glue it somewhat overlapping. Midlines can be realized as a continuing line or as an interrupted line. The most NOCH road sets consist of two single roadway roles. On the one role the midline is continuous, on the other it’s interrupted. E.g. if you want to construct a road with a continuous line, firstly set the role with the interrupted line and glue the other side of the road with the continuous line on it (a little bit overlapping). If you want to convert a continuous line into an interrupted line after a few centimeters of distance, carve the role with the interrupted line at the cut surface carefully and glue it on the role with the continuous line (also a little bit overlapping).