Waters in all variations - just like in nature:

Water attracts all eyes. From a lively mountain stream to a deep blue reservoir, from a large body of water to a shallow puddle: Everything can be recreated easily and true to nature with the NOCH products for water design. A particularly attractive challenge in the design of model landscapes is the reproduction of bodies of water. 

Every model railway professional attaches great importance to river and stream courses as well as areas for a lake when planning their layout. Why? For one thing, every model watercourse enhances the layout enormously and attracts the fascinated gaze of the viewer. On the other hand, the bridges, overpasses, dams and retaining walls that are required as a result enliven the model railway layout considerably - and thus provide additional variety. One of the most fascinating elements of a model landscape is water. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, sometimes even a piece of the sea - water attracts attention when it is perfectly represented! How you can easily achieve a convincing result in your model and which materials you need for the different types of water can be found at NOCH in this category!