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Natur+ Meadow Mat “Spring”

44 x 29 cm, 12 mm
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Note: Model building item
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Nature+ Meadow Mats
The innovative NOCH Nature+ Meadow Mats are ideal for both, beginner and professional model landscaper. The Mats are produced in a innovative process atop of an auto-adhesive layer of special glue - without using any kind of interfering or unflexible base material. Due to the very versatile special glue, the Mats can easily be adhered to any platform. The Mat can be used in one piece, or it can be cut or teared into multiple smaller pieces.
The Nature+ Mats are available in different colours, as well as either with 6 mm grass fibres, or with 12 mm grass fibres. They can be used for all model railway scales.

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    EAN 4007246004102
    Content 0.13 qm
    Weight 70 g
    Width 440 mm
    Length 290 mm
    Height 12 mm