Grass Mats

NOCH Grass Mats and Gravel Mats - the Perfect Start into Model Railroading
Whether you need a spring meadow, a flowering meadow or a summer meadow - at NOCH you will find everything you want. Here you are spoiled for choice: We offer five different green tones in various sizes. The Gravel Mats are available in beige colour as "Limestone Mat" and in grey as "Granite" version. The grass mats are densely flocked with natural looking, upright standing grass fibres and have a base made of a sturdy and tough special paper.
You can use a whole mat or cut off small pieces. A grass mat is easy to fix with the NOCH Spray Glue "Haftfix" (ref. 61151). If you want to glue the mat or greater pieces on an even surface, moisten it before, e.g. using a water sprayer. Thus you can prevent wave formations after drying. The glue on the grass mats is water soluble. If you carefully wet the grass with a paintbrush, you can scape off the fibres after some minutes and create streams and roads.