Grass Fibres

Perfect meadows with standing grass fibres!

A lot has happened in model landscaping in recent years: new materials have been introduced and innovative techniques have become affordable. One of the most longed-for developments was the NOCH Gras-Master®. With the help of this tool, it is finally possible to plant grass fibres realistically standing on a meadow. In the future, you will no longer be bound to prefabricated grass mats, because the length of the fibres, as well as the colour of the meadow, can be individually adjusted to your own wishes. The 2.5 mm long grass fibre is the standard length for H0. Thanks to the large selection of colour shades, extremely realistic effects can be achieved. The wonderfully rich, lush and warm shade "Meadow" is available in all standard lengths. The 1.5 and 2.5 mm long grass fibres can be applied electrostatically with the grass spray can as well as with the grass master. 

Note: For 1 m2 of grass surface, approx. 150 g of scattered grass and 500 g of grass glue are required.