Grass, Meadows & Fields

Realistic Ground Cover – As Easy As Never Before!

All enthusiasts of realistic model landscaping will be pleased. Hardly any other field of model landscaping has experienced such a dynamic development at NOCH in the last years like the techniques for landscape grass covering. You will find all our innovative and high-quality NOCH products here:

  • the multiple awarded Gras-Master®
  • classic scatter material and grass fibres
  • convincing Natur+ products
  • innovative grass tufts
  • unique Laser-Cut minis

The results inspire with their perfection and incomparably realistic appearance. Nevertheless, the products are very easy to use! The miniature plants are cut with a laser from a multi-coloured printed special paper. Even the finest details and most filigree structures are visible "...just like the original". The ingenious grass master enables the model landscaper to create perfect electrostatic grassing with upright grass fibres. For natural grassing, you will find a large selection of different coloured grass fibres in different lengths under Grasses Meadows and Fields. Natur+ meadows and fields are convincing all along the line. Grass fibres of different lengths and colours are applied one after the other to a wafer-thin adhesive film in a specially developed and patented production process. The result is an extremely flexible and super-realistic product for perfect model landscaping. The grass tufts and grass strips are incomparable in their realistic appearance and extremely easy to use. Whether flowerbeds, fallows, field paths or embankments - the application possibilities are almost unlimited.