NOCH Adhesives for All Purposes - Strong, Permanent Glues

The NOCH Grass Glue has been developped especially for electrostatic flocking. Comparing with usual white glue it has a low surface tension and dries slowly.
The advantages: The electrostatically loaded grass fibres stand perfectly upright and the area can be covered with grass longer.

The all-purose Scenery Glue is perfect for all handicraft works. You can apply it quickly and safely on wood, paper, hardfoam (polyurethane) and plastic. It is suitable for fixing model buildings, trees, portals, walls and for sticking different craft materials. The water-based Scenery Glue in the practical bottle with dosing tip dries within two hours.

The Ballast Glue is ideal for fixing ballast. Thanks to the dosing tip also difficult-to-access areas are easy to reach. Usage: Spread the loose ballast between the railway sleepers, then apply the Ballast Glue. The thin fluid special glue is also ideal for flocking trees and bushes.