Model Landscaping

Realize Your Model Landscaping Dreams - with Scenery Products from NOCH!

The landscape is the heart and also the face of a model railway layout. Therefore landscape structuring is one of the most pleasant, important and challenging tasks when creating a model layout. Whether you realize your own creative ideas or want to model a real landscape: You need not only fantasy, leisure and dexterity but above all the proper scenery materials. In the NOCH range, you will find everything a modeller's heart desires. As helpful information material we recommend our Magazine »Model Landscaping Today«, our Model Landscaping Guidebook »St. Barbara« or the DVD Model Landscaping Guide »St. Peter«, that you can find in our online shop.

Individual Landscape Structuring – Step by Step

  1. Terrain Substructure
    The substructure is the framework that will support the landscape. For the creation of small landscapes, we recommend the self-supporting NOCH Wire Mesh Paper or the Aluminium Wire Mesh. For larger projects use the sophisticated NOCH terrain building system called TERRA-FORM.
  2. Landscape Body
    In the second step, the terrain substructure is to be covered. The best material for this purpose is the NOCH Crepe Paper. On one hand, it is very sturdy, on the other hand, it is easy to bend. Alternatively, you can use the NOCH Plaster Cloth. If you used the NOCH Wire Mesh Paper in the first step you need no further products - you can create your landscape directly on this material.
  3. Landscape Structure
    In the third step, your landscape body becomes a model landscape. The wide NOCH range offers a lot of products for landscape modelling. You can use the NOCH Like Film and different other NOCH water products to create rivers, brooks, lakes and ponds. Due to its grained texture, the NOCH Rock Compound is great for structuring rocky parts and rock faces. The Landscaping Colours from NOCH are ideal to undercoat the ground before flocking or for colouring rocks.
  4. Decoration
    Decorate your landscape to your heart's content. You will be successful if you use NOCH decoration items like grass, meadows, bushes and trees. Complete your layout or diorama with different houses, figures, animals and accessories from NOCH. They guarantee impressive, realistic looking scenes.