Railway Buildings

Part of Any Railway Layout

Railway buildings are an essential component of a model railway layout. They are as various as essential. The selection of first-class and high quality Laser-Cut Building Kits by NOCH includes railway stations, administrative buildings, goods sheds, small track houses etc. Convince yourself of our high-class Laser-Cut models - the future of model  buildings! Laser-Cut buildings have many advantages:

  • Easy to assemble: glue, fold - finished!
  • Perfect appearance: The walls are equipped with a 45° angle cut so that no joints are visible.
  • The kits are made of laser cardoard. This cardboard is especially manufactured for NOCH, certified according to DIN 6738 and age-resistant.
  • The buildings are laser engraved, handpainted and weathered - a new quality standard in comparison with shining plastic roofs.
  • Interior walls are painted black to avoid interior light (not included in the kits) shining through.
  • Gutters and dranpipes are included.
  • The included glue makes the assembly easy.
  • NOCH laser cardboard is produced ecofriendly: It is made of renewable raw materials, the necessary energy is used with perfect precision.