Railway Buildings

A component of every model railway layout

Railway buildings are an essential part of every model railway layout. As essential as they are, they are also as diverse. The selection of first-class and high-quality Laser-Cut building kits at NOCH ranges from stations to administration buildings and goods sheds to equipment sheds and trackside houses. Convince yourself of our first-class Laser-Cut models - the future of building model construction!

Plastic or cardboard? 

Plastic or rather the NOCH DIN-certified laser-cut cardboard? Do you know the difference? No - then you should definitely convince yourself of the NOCH Laser-Cut quality!

The advantages of NOCH Laser-Cut buildings:

  • Made of high-quality NOCH Laser-Cardboard. Ageing resistance certified according to DIN 6738
  • Laser-engraved and mostly hand-painted in several colours and patinated - a new quality standard
  • Interior walls were partially painted black at the factory to prevent lighting (not included) from shining through
  • Gutters and downpipes included in many kits
  • A suitable adhesive is included in every kit (except Laser-Cut minis)
  • Environmentally-friendly production: The NOCH laser cardboard used is made from renewable raw materials, and the energy required for laser cutting is used efficiently and precisely.