Recreate perfect city and country scenes

Plastic or cardboard? 

Plastic or would you prefer the DIN-certified laser cardboard from NOCH? Do you know the difference? No - then you should definitely convince yourself of the NOCH Laser-Cut quality!

Laser-Cut - The future of building modelling!

For some years now, the new production technology has made it possible for NOCH to create particularly realistic models.

The advantages of NOCH Laser-Cut buildings:

  • Made of high-quality NOCH Laser-Cardboard. Ageing resistance certified according to DIN 6738
  • Laser-engraved and mostly hand-painted in several colours and patinated - a new quality standard
  • Interior walls were partially painted black at the factory to prevent lighting (not included) from shining through
  • Gutters and downpipes included in many kits
  • A suitable adhesive is included in every kit (except Laser-Cut minis)
  • Environmentally-friendly production: The NOCH laser cardboard used is made from renewable raw materials, and the energy required for laser cutting is used efficiently and precisely.