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French Football Team

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»Goaaaal!« – Finally there is a complete football team.
The French national football team, the Équipe Tricolore, presents itself at NOCH, the model landscaping specialist, in its jerseys with the national colours blue, white and red.

The team consists out of 10 players and one goalkeeper. The model railway figurines - the football players - have been re-created on a 1:87 scale for the model railway H0 scale and modelled in typical, game-related scenes. The players fight, straddle, curse and run. In combination with other national teams, international matches can be depicted on the model railway landscape or in a diorama.

The French national mens football team, the so-called Équipe Tricolore (after the French national flag), or »Les Bleus« for short (after the traditional blue jerseys), is one of the world's most successful national football teams. Because of its diverse players, the neologism »black-blanc-beur« (»blacks, whites, maghrebians«) has developed, reffering to national colours (bleu-blanc-rouge or blue-white-red), since 1998. France has, so far, only won one World Cup (1998) and two European Championships (1984, 2000), as well as the Confederations Cup two times (2001, 2003). The national team is, besides the Brasilian Seleção, the only one which has, so far, always applied to all World Cups. However, the Bleus have failed to qualify for the World Cup mulitple times, unlike the Brasilian team, or did not participate in the final rounds voluntarily (as in 1950). France began holding transcontinental and international tournaments early, for example the thrid World Cup in 1938 and the first European Championship in 1960. France's official history of international matches begins in 1904. (Source: Wikipedia)

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