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Cattle Shelter

3.0cm high

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Note: Model building item
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A Safe Shelter for Animals

The Laser-Cut minis Kit “Cattle Shelter” can be used for agricultural scenes. You can find various animals on farms; from cows to horses, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats, to hens or geese. Many animals spend their day on the pasture. The detailed “Cattle Shelter” is ideal so that the animals have shelter in bad weather. Here, the animals can seek shelter and rest in bad weather or in blazing heat. Bring even more details to your model landscape with lovingly recreated Laser-Cut minis like the “Cattle Shelter”.

Attention to detail...

The NOCH Laser-Cut minis range is now huge! And yet every year one previously missing detail or other catches our eye. You can decorate your landscape with the new items from 2018 and thus, for example, create mountain meadows, little accents or a special scene. Have fun!

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