Multi-Coloured Special Cardboard

Laser-Cut minis are extremely detailed, filigree miniature plants cut by laser out of a sturdy, multi-coloured special cardboard. In 2009 this innovation was chosen as model of the year by the readers of a famous model railway magazine. Since then we have been improving this technique creating more detailed plants so that even finest structures are visible. Thanks to the particular composition of the special cardboard the Laser-Cut minis are extremely stable yet you can form them easily. The innovative production method has a further advantage: There's no artificial glance of plastic products. There's no way to make it more realistic! The application of the Laser-Cut minis in H0, TT and N scale is very easy: They will be formed by hand and with a drip of a commercial glue you can fix them on your layout. Plant some vegetables like cabbage, rhubarb or turnips. Create a sea of blossom consisting of hollyhocks, tulips and evening primroses. Additionaly, beautify a country house with some Virginia Creepers.