Laser-Cut minis

Small details for a big impact

The Laser-Cut minis are further proof that small details can have an enormous effect on the viewer. These small, fine, expressive and innovative Laser-Cut minis are divided into three groups: Kits, Plants and Flower Decorations. The extremely filigree miniature plants, which are cut by laser from sturdy, multi-coloured printed special paper, have won several awards from the renowned trade press. Since then, we have further developed the Laser-Cut minis, made them more filigree and even better, so that even the finest details and structures become visible. Due to the complex recipe of the special paper, the Laser-Cut minis are extremely stable and at the same time malleable. The innovative production method of laser-cutting has another big advantage over conventional plastic processes: the Laser-Cut minis do not have the artificial shine of plastic products. It doesn't get any more natural than this! Laser-Cut minis are available for the gauges H0, TT and N. The application is very simple: The Laser-Cut minis are shaped by hand and fixed in the model landscape with a drop of commercial glue. The kits are small buildings and accessories around the model railway theme. With the flower decoration, you are guaranteed to give your scene the finishing touch and a special highlight.