3D minis

3D minis

Welcome to the future!

3D printed models in series production

Anyone who follows the current reporting in the model-making trade journals and is interested in technology has already heard about it: 3D printing is revolutionising production. As with the introduction of laser cutting, NOCH is also a pioneer in this innovative production technology and is offering the new 3D minis for the first time this year: Models that set new standards in detailing - "Fine Scale" in series! Already fully assembled and realistically painted, you can build the 3D minis directly into your model landscape. And the best thing for you: the price-performance ratio is also right. Test the new model series and convince yourself of the advantages of the 3D printed models. Choose from individual 3D printed models such as a turnout tensioner, a signal tensioner or a roller holder set. You will be amazed by the detailing of the 3D-minis and models of an Indusi slide magnet, an escapement shoe set or wheel chock set will catch the eye. Your friends and acquaintances will envy these models.

3D printing - how it works:

3D printing is a so-called "additive" process in which a plastic material is applied layer by layer by a print head. Layer by layer, a single model is created. 3D printing offers several advantages: In contrast to plastic injection moulding, the models come out of the printer already finished, which eliminates assembly work, for example. In addition, the "resolution" is now very high, so that more filigree and detailed models can be created than with injection moulding technology. The innovative production process has already been in use in the high-tech industries (especially medicine and automotive) for several years. Production is expensive because the 3D printers and also the consumables are very expensive. On the other hand, models can be produced in unprecedented detail and filigree.