Figures & Decoration

Populate your very own little world!

Populate your very own little world with NOCH figures! Nothing enlivens a model scene like model figures. In the NOCH assortment, you will find a huge selection of different figure sets for H0, TT and N. We have arranged a large range of figures for you according to subject areas: Working life, railway station, people in all situations, country life and animals, hobby, leisure and play. In addition to these classic figure sets, there are practical combination sets, inexpensive XL figure sets as well as Mega-Spar sets if you need a few more figures.

Special themes such as boats, country scenes, small utility vehicles or carts and carriages ideally complement the range. Exciting accessory sets contain a variety of hand-coloured accessories, matching the respective theme. All model figures from NOCH are lovingly detailed and modelled. The figures are hand-painted and liven up any model railway layout or diorama. But you can also use them to decorate a small gift or greeting card.

A special highlight is our micro-motion figures, which actually move and dance, for example. But that's not all - let there be light! Micro-LEDs illuminate scooters, motorbikes, photographers, welders and railway personnel. This unique figure is already equipped with the appropriate technology ex-works and brings a whole new dimension to your layout.