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Perfect Set "Right & Left Along the Tracks”


  • Nature Trees for approx. 20 bushes (ref. 23100),
  • Foliage light green, 20 x 23 cm (ref. 07270),
  • Meadow Foliage medium green, 20 x 23 cm (ref. 07291),
  • Structured Flock, dark green, medium, 15 g (ref. 07343),
  • Structured Flock, bright green, fine, 20 g (ref. 07331),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set XL "Meadow", 42 pieces (ref. 07044),
  • Grass Tufts Mini Set „Field Plants”, 42 pieces (ref. 07034)
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Note: Model building item
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Designing the vegetation on both sides of the tracks is certainly one of the most challenging projects in model landscaping, for that is where vegetation is particularly abundant and correspondingly where many different products are used. The Perfect Set »Right & Left Along the Tracks« includes these very products so that you find designing easy.

The Perfect Set includes a detailed instruction video on DVD. So your project is guaranteed to succeed!

  • Additional Information

    EAN 4007246608119
    Weight 470 g
  • How-to tip

    • Foliage can be used to create ground cover, weeds and shrubs on the embankment.

    • A second level of slightly higher shrubs is formed by glueing on Grass Tufts.

    • With Sea Foam, Grass Tufts and Structured Flock, bushes and small trees emerge.

    The result: a perfectly designed railway track environment just like the original!

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