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Paved Place

2 flexible sheets, 20 x 10 cm

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Note: Model building item
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All roads lead to NOCH - since, with the NOCH Roads, Paths, and Places, you can desing a realistic road network very easily.

The material's advantages convince: The NOCH Road Crepe is auto-adhesive, especially stretchable, resistant against tearing - and, above all, easy to process. Curves in particular can be re-created with the NOCH Crepe very efficiently.

Furthermore, the NOCH Crepe is ideally suited for the FALLER Car-System.

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    EAN 4007246605705
    Content 0.02 qm
    Weight 20 g
  • How-to tip

    First of all, outline the exact shape of the Place's area onto transparent paper and then transfer it to both of the delivered Sheets. Cut the auto-adhesive sheet with a knife or with sharp scissors. Adhere the intended pieces together to the platform and press them hard onto it. The Surface should be clean and dry. You may prepare uneven surfaces before adhering the Paved Place with the NOCH Spray Glue "Haftfix" (ref 61151). Connecting roads or walkways can be combined ideally with the Paved Place.

    The NOCH Road Crepe is ideal for the FALLER Car-System: Firstly, fix the special track wire with some adhesive strips and then lay the NOCH Road Crepe over the wire. The FALLER Cars will make the rounds securely on the NOCH Roads.

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