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Ornamental Plants

3 flower pots

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Note: Model building item
€10.99 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
Super Realistic Nature+ Miniature Plants!
The NOCH Laser-Cut Minis+ are a top innovation in model landscaping. They make it even easier to create realistic model landscapes sceneries. The very delicate plants are cut by laser and then shaped by hand. Some of the Laser-CUt minis are then also embellished with Blossom Flock.
The Laser-Cut Minis+ are available in two different variations: Either for "planting" them yourself, or already inserted into the flowerpots.
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    EAN 4007246140206
    Weight 15 g
  • How-to tip

    This is how easy it is to handle the Laser-Cut Minis+:
    Just take the Laser-Cut Minis+ from the packing, apply a drop of glue and then simply place them into your model landscape! And that's all!

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