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MÖSSMER Schaumstoff-Platten mit grauem Schotter

3 underlays; 200 x 100 x 2 mm
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Note: Model building item
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How realistic a model train landscape appears is determined by important details, such as the nature and the appearance of the trackbeds. With the MÖSSMER Trackbeds, which are modelled perfectly after the real-life example regarding form and colour, you will come very close to the original.

Additional positive features: Moltopren insulates against electricity, it is close to indestructable and resitant against oils, greases, petrol, as well as glues containing thinners. It also dampens the noises of running locomotives and wagons and your layouts' noise level is reduced significantly.

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    Weight 64 g
  • How-to tip

    Craft Tip Track Ballast
    Ballasting tracks

    In order to design a perfect track bed, we recommend NOCH Cork Track Beds as bases for your tracks. These have a noise-absorbing effect and even create the appearance of a poured bed of ballast, with small embankments to the left and right of the rails. The ballast is loosely scattered and then spread around the gaps  between the sleepers with a brush. Afterwards, drizzle on some NOCH Ballast Glue to permanently fix the ballast

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