Article Number 58031

Interior Tunnel Wall, curved

2 pieces, 10 cm long
suitable for all radii

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Note: Model building item
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When looking into a tunnel on a model railway installation, most of the time, you are looking into a black hole. With Hardfoam Interior Tunnel Walls, your model railway landscape becomes even more realistic and comes to life. The interior design of your tunnels will look just like the original with this innovative product. The packet contains two pieces, a straight left side piece (ref. 58030) and a straight right side piece - or a left and right curved piece respectively (58031). The pieces are 10 cm Long each. The NOCH Interior Wall correspond with the NOCH" Quarrystone Wall PROFI Plus" Series.
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    EAN 4007246580316
    Weight 85 g
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  • How-to tip

    The NOCH Hardfoam is resistant against solvents and thinners. You may apply all types of coatings, paints (NOCH Langscaping Paints are ideal) and even glue that contain solvents. The hardfoam parts can be modelled completely according to your desire and, furthermore, they are very easily procced. In order to form the parts correctly, you do neither need a lot of time or force, nor special tools. For sawing works, it is best to utilize a jigsaw. The sawblade can move through the hardfoam without tearing or splintering along the edges.

    For precise modification along the part's contour, you may also use a small hacksaw, a tenon saw or a handsaw. You can cut the hardfoam with every type of sharp edge, such as that of a multi-porpuse or a pocket knife for example.

    For the subsequent grinding of the parts, or for detailled works, sandpaper is advisable. You can, of course, also file the hardfoam - with a rough woodrasp as well as a fine key file. Should you like to form the hardfoam parts into a different shape, you can use hot water or even a hot blow dryer to heat the material. The warm material can be bend into the desired form by hand, but it will keep its new shape after cooling.


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